Our College Graduate

Our family packed up last week and headed to South Carolina so we could watch our baby cousin become a college graduate!  She really isn’t a baby anymore with a fancy Chemistry degree, but we still think of her that way.

We had the BEST time on this trip!  We used to make the same trips every year growing up and would spend a few days at Tracy and Kelly’s house, with everyone sleeping double in beds, on couches or on pallets on the floor.  It felt just like that and we had so much fun. Well, Carson decided he didn’t want to have anything to do with sleeping in the pack and play, but other than that, it was great!

We tried to get a picture of the kids before graduation, but Carson wasn’t being cooperative.


Lily and Addelyn were so excited to watch Hannah graduate.  On the car ride up, Lily asked a million times if it was time to go to graduation!

IMG_2794 IMG_2767 IMG_2769

Hannah was on the jumbrotron right at the end of the ceremony.  I loved her expression when she saw herself!


We had to have a photo shoot once we got back home so we could all get pictures with the college grad!

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232323232-fp93232-uqcshlukaxroqdfv9-;3=ot-2464=96;=;8-=XROQDF-27;5334924249ot1lsiThis might be my favorite picture. Brandi used to carry Hannah around when she was a baby, so they decided to recreate some photos. When Hannah jumped on Brandi, we were all waiting for them to crash on the ground, but Brandi held up!!

Hannah Bannah, we are so proud of you and can’t wait to see what you do next!!

One, Two, Three, Jump!

A local gymnastics gym offers an open play time during the week for $5, so Kayla and I loaded the kids up to play last week.

photo (6)

We pack those babies in so we can ride together and have adult time talking about serious issues, such as Bachelor in Paradise or Mistresses.

Asher will see Carson and say, “Hi Car-son!”  It’s so cute.  He does pretty well with Lauren, but it sounds more like Lawnen, like Lily used to say.  I have a hard name to pronounce!

Asher has been there before, so he was off and running as soon as we walked in.  Carson was staying pretty close to me and checking it all out, and then he was off too.  They had a blast “jumping” on the trampoline, swinging on the bars and going up and down the mats.

image image_1 image_2 photo (7)

The absolute favorite had to be the foam pit.  I jumped in with them and had them chase me.  Asher would yell “help” when he started sinking in.  I was surprised that Carson actually could crawl through it-my baby is growing up on me!


Kayla started throwing them in the pit and they loved this.  I’m pretty sure we got a workout just as much as they did!


I got some snuggle time with Maeve while she was throwing the wild monkeys in.  Doesn’t she take a great selfie already?!

We took the kids to McAlister’s after they played and Carson and Asher ate and drank like they hadn’t had anything all day.  We will definitely be going back.  For $5, they had a great time, ate a great lunch and took a fantastic nap.  Success!

Splish Splash

Kayla, Julia and I meet up with the kids at a local park so they could play in the splash pad. After weeks of 90 degree weather, it felt like fall when we got to the park, but it warmed up quickly and we took the kids over to the water.

Asher and Callaghan loved the water and were running around the entire time.  Carson wasn’t so sure about it, so he decided to hang out and eat snacks.


IMG_2704 IMG_2712 IMG_2728

He did like the water when I took him out there, but he wasn’t about to be left alone out there.  We will just pretend that he wanted to hang out with Maeve and Mommy instead. :)

IMG_2731 IMG_2733

I can’t believe we are looking at the last few weeks of summer already.  This year is speeding by and I need time to slow down.

Life With A One Year Old Boy

People aren’t kidding when they tell you that little boys are into EVERYTHING! We spend all of our time making sure he isn’t about to jump off the couch or isn’t climbing on the table.  I love being a boy mom.  I grew up with a sister and I knew about everything girly, so watching a little boy discover grass, dirt and sticks is so entertaining.  Although, the few heart attacks he’s given me when he decided to walk off the couch, I could have done without.  Luckily, our reflexes are getting faster with him around and we’ve managed to snag him each time.  And teach him to lay on his belly and crawl down.  Safety first!


Carson, you love climbing on the table in the playroom. Most days, you will run in there ahead of us and we will the hear the chair scrape the floor. No matter how many times we tell you no, you are still determined to climb up!

Your first word that you said was “Da Da” but the first real word that you associated with something was “dog!”  You now say Daddy all the time and have also said “ha” for “hat” and “duc” for “duck.”

My favorite word is “Nonmy”-that’s what you call me!  Daddy realized that the other day and said, “I think he’s calling you Nonmy.  And yep, whenever we ask you to say “Mommy,” we always get a “Nonmy” in reply.  I love it.


You get the sneakiest look on your face when we tell you to get down. Sometimes you will just lay down on the table and grin to see if that will pass as okay! (It doesn’t)

We were working on “please” and “more” in sign language, but we should have done them at separate times because they morphed into one signal.  When you say “please,” you clap your hands together!  But hey, it means please to you, so that’s all that matters. When you want to be picked up, you say “please” or you come and tap us on our legs over and over.


Lily gave you her old tunnel and we play in it every single day. You love when we chase you through it! You also like to take your snacks in there and eat.

IMG_2406You watch me water the flowers every morning and love to carry the watering can around and “water” the flowers and grass. This normally involves hitting the watering can against the flowers, so we are working on “easy!”


Playing peek-a-boo with the tunnel is one of your favorite games and you will just laugh hysterically!

You have started paying attention to the TV and I turned on Paw Patrol one afternoon when you were tired and grumpy.  It saved the day!  You love watching the dogs on TV and laugh and point at them.  Just trying to limit the amount of TV you get, but it’s a lifesaver on certain occasions!


You seem to sport a permanent bruise on your forehead and scrapes on your knees! I guess I better get used to this because I know you will only get more daring as you grow up.  But go easy because you scare your Daddy to death when you fall!  Surprisingly, Mommy handles it better than he does!

You go to bed between 8 and 8:30 and sleep until 7 or 7:30.  You are very punctual when you wake up.  You still take two naps a day, one in the morning from about 10:00-11:30 and one in the afternoon from about 2-4.  Sometimes they are longer, but lately you’ve been pretty consistent with those times.  You aren’t ready for one nap yet and I can’t say that I mind!

IMG_20140519_085344_341You love your Radio Flyer and hide everything in the basket. You even hide Cheerios in there and go pull them out a few days later. You also saw us turn it into a scooter for Lily, so now you want to stand on it instead of sitting. Such a big boy already.

You are going to turn into a big fruit from all of the cantaloupe and strawberries you eat! You also love peas and rice, so I’m hoping you will always be a good boy and eat your vegetables!  You drink several sippy cups of milk every day, but you get so excited when you get a cup of juice.  We save that for special occasions, like when we go outside to run.  You usually drink the entire cup in about two or three minutes!


Your changing table is connected to your crib and you pull down the changing pad when you don’t want to take a nap. You fought with it one day and finally wore yourself out and went to sleep in this position!

Life Lately

This summer is flying by!  We’ve been spending lots of time outside and trying not to sweat to death in this heat.  Thank goodness for a pool in the backyard!

drinkMom and I had a lunch date at Gibson Girls and tried “Nashville Tea.” We both loved it!



Each time Lily comes to our house, she asks if we can make cupcakes. She normally requests pink ones, although she has also asked for apple juice ones as well!

IMG_20140523_174500_473 (1)

Carson spent the evening with GiGi and Grandmom so we could have a date night at Carrabba’s!


Taking a family walk through the neighborhood!


Spending the day by the pool with some of my favorite chicas!

IMG_20140603_124604_721Shopping with Maeve and Callaghan wore Carson out!

IMG_20140606_143509_566Sunscreen makes his hair crazy!

IMG_20140608_201523_683Carson is obsessed with Roxie and spends lots of time chasing her around the house.

IMG_20140613_074116_671I couldn’t find the remote anywhere one day and finally found it in Carson’s scooter!

IMG_20140614_133722_635Celebrating Levi’s first birthday, one of Carson’s buddies from church!