Snow Day

I’m pretty sure I avoided talking about playing in the snow until spring hit! Hopefully I don’t jinx us-if we wake up tomorrow to a white yard, I will cry.

We actually got a pretty good snow in February!  And by good snow, I mean a few inches that lasted an entire day.  The rest was just ice, cold and misery.  I know the people in Boston who had record amounts of snow would either laugh or punch me for complaining about our two weeks of winter weather.

We headed over to Grandmom’s house to play with Heather and Lily and go sledding.  Kayla, Asher and Maeve came over, too.  We are used to seeing our friends a lot during the week and go through withdrawals when we are stuck inside because of ice!

IMG_5818 IMG_5822 IMG_5825 IMG_5862 IMG_5880

Carson was not a fan of the snow. He takes after his Mother’s southern side and was happier on the porch. The girls, however, were in love. Maeve and Lily went down the sled with Nick several times and loved it! Little daredevils. I think Nick gave Kayla a small heart attack when he took off down the big hill with the kids. Luckily, no one fell off!

IMG_5870 IMG_5878 IMG_5890 IMG_5895 IMG_5898 IMG_5914

Winter, you were pretty for a few days, but I’m glad to see you go.

Every Day Should Be Princess Day

Saturday was all about the girls!  We had a girls’ day with all the “big” and “little” girls to see Cinderella!

We started off with breakfast at First Watch and we had tiny princesses in tiaras and gowns.  We were definitely the best looking crew there!


image[4] image[5]

The movie was SO cute!  I think the old gals enjoyed it as much as the little ones did.  We were laughing because our crazy crew took up an entire row.  We’ve had a lot of babies in the past few years!  My girl was borrowed since Carson stayed home with Nick.  However, we did have two little Prince Charmings with us!

IMG_0010image[1]Lily had her first sleepover at our house the night before, so we had a great little adventure as we call it.  We got a taste of what life with two kids will be like-loud and chaotic!

Papa, Kiki and Cherry

We had some visitors last weekend!  Well, let’s phrase this correctly-Carson had some visitors last weekend, since we know he’s the real attraction these days.

We’ve been showing Carson a picture of Nick’s parents and he would point to them and say, “Pa Pa” and “Kiki,” so he started calling them that as soon as they got here.  Carrie is still Cherry or Caca at the moment, which I kind of hope sticks permanently.

The weather was beautiful, so we took a walk to the end of the neighborhood to see the horses and cows.  Carson is currently obsessed with being outside and animals, so this is one of his favorite things to do.  However, I can tell we are entering that independent phase because he wants to get out of the wagon and pull it himself.  I’m hoping this doesn’t happen when it’s warm enough to run with him outside.

IMG_5636 IMG_5640 IMG_5643

I hear all the time how much Carson looks like Nick and maybe I’m a little biased, but they are studs.  This was the very first time he looked at the camera and said, “cheese!”  He normally still runs away, but he is starting to occasionally look when we have a camera out.


If you point to a horse and ask Carson what it is, he will yell, “neigh!”

His real love right now is cows, cows, cows. We have a herd of cows in our house and are constantly finding them on our pillows, in our drawers, in the laundry basket.

Checking out the cows with Papa Ed and Grandma Kiki.
IMG_5693 Nick and Ed are twins! I know what Nick and Carson will look like when they are older-clearly the Jochum genes are strong.

IMG_5699The only bad part about taking him outside is trying to get him to come back inside. It’s a battle which I can tell is going to test me as the weather warms up. Here’s to lots to patience!

Minute To Win It

Most people spend New Year’s Eve in fancy dresses and heels, but we were home in our sweatpants!  We ended 2014 by playing “Minute To Win It” games with the family!

IMG_5476 IMG_5477 IMG_5478 IMG_5479

I love watching all the little cousins together! The “older” cousins were constantly together as we grew up and I hope they will be the same way. Colby definitely took charge as the oldest of the group and had them playing games and following orders!


Brandi found a bunch of game ideas on Pinterest and we had SO much fun!  I’m hoping this will be an annual event.  The little kids even had a great time, although I think they were just laughing at the adults being crazy most of the time.

IMG_5485 IMG_5494 IMG_5498 IMG_5507

It’s pretty much a guarantee that if I hand the camera to my Mother, I will end up with fifty chins.  Or maybe I just eat too much cake.

IMG_5510 IMG_5514

Things got a little wild on the game front!  Lily burst into tears at one point and yelled, “but I wanted Gigi to win!”  Drama starts young when us ladies!

IMG_5520 IMG_5525 IMG_5533

Poor Callen definitely didn’t make it to midnight-he was out by 7 I think!


I’m pretty sure that Colby is Lily’s hero…she loves doing whatever he is doing!

IMG_5584 IMG_5575 IMG_5570

We had a great time ringing in 2015 with this crew!  However, 2015 has been off to a rough start, health-wise.  I’ve been sick since New Year’s Day-this year needs to shape up and turn around!

Fake Christmas Eve

We normally go to Aunt Della’s for Christmas Eve and eat a fancy meal of Papa John’s pizza.  This year, we pushed our celebration until after Christmas so the entire family could be together.  This was the first time we had ALL six cousins together in a few years!  Brandi and the kids got to come from Virginia this year and it was SO much fun.  We did all of our normal traditions, but just called it “Fake Christmas Eve” since it was on December 27.

IMG_5436 IMG_5473

IMG_5412 IMG_5415 IMG_5420

When we were younger, we used to make a family pyramid every year.  We stopped doing that once we all got a little bigger, but decided to give it a go this year.  I used to be closer to the top and have since been pushed to the bottom of the pyramid.  I’m just pretending it’s because I have big muscles. :)


Luckily, we didn’t crash to the ground!  We also had the little cousins try the pyramid.  Della had to jump in and add a little support-trying to tell four and six year olds how to hold the little ones up was quite interesting!

IMG_5438 IMG_5441

Grandmom and Granddad always give us money for Christmas, but always hide it in something interesting.  This year it came in a McDonald’s Happy Meal box.  Isn’t that cute?

IMG_5446 IMG_5455They’ve tricked us over the years and we’ve had to dig through containers, candy and tiolet paper to find the hidden cash.  One year no one found any money and we just sat there eating our candy like good little children.  They finally said “look in the bottom of the container!” and there was the money.  They were all impressed we didn’t ask where our cash was…but we were all secretly relieved it was there after all!

It’s hard to get a serious picture with these relatives….

IMG_5456 IMG_5459

but sometimes we all calm down and capture a good one.


Happy “Fake Christmas Eve!”

I Hear Santa On The Roof

Our flag pole was blowing in the wind on Christmas morning and it hit against the roof.  When Lily heard it, she looked at Mom and said, “Gigi, I hear Santa on the roof!!”  She was absolutely convinced that he was dropping off presents at that exact moment.  She told Gigi they had to be quiet so he thought they were asleep!!

IMG_5237 IMG_5240 IMG_5244 IMG_5246 IMG_5254 IMG_5265

Carson was very interested in eating his puffs from his stocking and checking out one gift at a time.  He would get hooked on a gift and not want to open another one.  I think we will get him two things next year!  One of the first things he opened was a truck, which he loved, so every present after he would say, “truck?!”  He has several new trucks that are constantly being driven around the living room and loaded with animals.

IMG_5291 IMG_5300 IMG_5327 IMG_5336 IMG_5342


Carson got a remote control car and was absolutely amazed when it started driving around. He loves driving it-I’ll be honest, he can drive the thing better than I can! I can already see him thinking his mother is a technology failure in the future.


Carson made a card at school with his handprints that had a poem about always remembering how small he was. It made me tear up when I tried to read it! My family thought this was hilarious because I NEVER used to cry about anything.

We had a great Christmas this year, especially watching Carson learn what it’s all about! I’m always a little sad when the holidays end, but I was ready to start taking down the tree when Carson started redecorating it with his toys:

Getting Ready for Santa

We started getting ready for Santa by decorating Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve!  I started doing this with Nick’s family while we were dating and it’s one of my favorite traditions now.

We always use Ann’s (Nick’s Mom) sugar cookie recipe, but now we have some extra special helpers during baking!  Flour and sugar end up everywhere when you have little hands helping you!

IMG_5075 IMG_5080 IMG_5085 IMG_5086 IMG_5088 IMG_5092

Carson was funny to watch while he decorated his cookie.  He would scoop up a small amount of icing and neatly rub it on the cookie-well, as neat as possible for a one year old.  Then, when his hands and tray were dirty, he would ask for a towel to wash everything.  Lily does not share the neat, careful gene….frosting was covering the counter where she decorated!

IMG_5095 IMG_5098 IMG_5103 IMG_5109 IMG_5121 IMG_5127 IMG_5139 IMG_5146

Another Christmas Eve tradition is for everyone to open one gift.  Lily had the hardest time choosing what gift to open, but I convinced her to open the one from me!  We bake together all the time, so when I spotted a kid’s apron and hat at Target, I had to get it for her.


Carson got to open a gift that he had been opening for the past two days!  We kept hearing little rips of paper and he would be trying to open the same gift each time.  At least he waited until Christmas week to start doing this!

IMG_5166 IMG_5169

When it was time for the kids to go to bed, we got a glass of milk and plate of cookies for Santa.  Carson clearly didn’t understand what we were doing, but he loves following Lily around anywhere.  She was SO excited to leave the cookies for Santa and the only thing that got her to go to sleep was saying that Santa only comes when you are sleeping.

IMG_5217 IMG_5228 IMG_5232 IMG_5233

It was time to sleep so Santa could come!