We’ve had some roommates lately!  My Dad is in town for a few months for work and he stayed for a week until his apartment was ready.  Unfortunately for him, Carson was cutting a tooth and got a stomach bug while he was here, so he wasn’t the most pleasant baby.  But he’s still good company in my opinion. :)



Carrie also came to see us over the weekend.  Well, when I say us, I really mean she came to see Carson.  I’m not sure we are the source of anyone’s visits anymore.







It finally warmed up outside and we took advantage of the weather and played outside.  Carson crawled to the edge of the blanket and touched the grass.  When his hand made contact with a blade of grass, he jumped back and made the most awful face.  I’m sure he will be trying to eat it before too long, but he’s not a fan for now.








He also stood up for the first time from a sitting position!  He had been working on it for the past week, but he was never able to make it all the way up without falling over.  We were playing and all of a sudden-standing man!  We were so excited!



I am completely aware that that was a massive overload of photos of my child.  But I have three very good reasons:

1.  I got a real camera and I’ve been testing it out.

2.  We are so happy that it’s warm and we can get outside and play!

3.  We can’t get enough of him.

You should see the amount of pictures on my camera that I don’t post!!


Five on Friday

I’m linking up with Hello Happiness for Five on Friday!

photo (7)

1.  Party Planning.  We are only two months away from Carson’s first birthday and I started buying some odds and ends this week so I can get started on the DIY projects.  I love planning parties and I’m beyond excited to celebrate his first birthday.  I am trying to keep in mind that he won’t even remember this and not go over the top, but I can’t wait to have all of our friends and family here!

run quote


2.  Running Outside.  I’ve been able to skip the treadmill and run outside the past few days and it has been glorious.  As much as I like watching House of Cards while I run, you can’t beat running in the sunshine and fresh air. It’s supposed to be warm today, so Carson and I will hopefully head out later for five miles.  Although sometimes I’m not sure what’s worse-the treadmill or pushing a stroller while you run.


3.  Boots and Bling.  I am only about a month away from the Nashville Half Marathon and they just sent out an email showing off the medals.  I love the boots and can’t wait to have that baby around my neck.


4.  White Chocolate Peanut Butter.  This stuff is glorious.  Buy it and you will thank me.

mantle 1

5.  Fireplace Mantle.  My handy husband is building a mantle to add to our fireplace and I’m itching to decorate it.  Of course I’m using Pinterest for ideas.  If Nick picked the decor, here is what would be hanging over our mantle.


Not exactly the cozy feeling I want while sitting in my living room!!

Happy Friday and even better, happy spring!

Hiking With 5 Under 4

I think it’s safe to say all southerners are over this winter weather.  At the first sign of spring recently, we all headed out to a nearby hiking trail to get out of the house and get some sunshine.

Have you ever tried to hike with 5 kids under the age of 4?  Nick said he felt like we were out long enough to do several miles, but probably did less than a mile.  If one kid wasn’t in the bushes (Asher), than another was running the opposite way down the trail.


Don’t you go hiking in your tiara and sunglasses?  Lily is all girl.





Asher was highly entertaining.  He was running in the bushes, picking berries and strolling in the mud.  I was laughing at him, but I’m sure I’ll be paid pack next year when Carson can walk!





At least they keep us entertained right?

No Gym, No Problem

The small town where we live does have a gym, but it doesn’t offer child care, so I didn’t join.  I figured there wasn’t any point in having to wait until Nick got home every night to work out.  This is the first time since college since I haven’t belonged to a gym.  I love working out at a gym-I believe I’ve professed my love for Body Pump and Body Combat on here before.  It’s been a change to only work out at home, but I’ve found that it’s not too bad if I find a variety of workouts to keep me entertained.  We also have a treadmill, free weights and weight bench, so that makes a big difference.

Workout DVD’s

I have several good workout DVD’s and I don’t mind spending money for the good ones.  Nick and I did P90X before we were married and I still pull that one out all the time.


Body Combat was one of my favorite classes to take at the gym, so I added it to my Christmas list when they put it on DVD.  I love it.  I’ve done almost all of the workouts and they fly by because the music and choreography are fun. Plus, the instructors have Australian accents, so it’s fun to listen to them!


I bought a Bob Harper DVD pack at Target for $15 and my favorite DVD is the Inside Out Method.  It’s like working out with a personal trainer-but it’s hard because he doesn’t give you a break!


I bought the Cathe High Reps DVD when I read online that it was similar to Body Pump.  It follows the same format of burning out each muscle group with low weight, high reps.  And it’s less than $25, so a it’s a great deal.  I’m going to order some of her other DVD’s.


Pinterest is a gold mine.  I have a Workout board and I’m constantly looking up new workouts.  I used to print and keep everything in a notebook, but this is so much easier.  Here are a few of my favorites.





xmas workout


TV Shows


I have been doing a lot of treadmill running because it’s been too cold to take Carson outside until recently.  I normally loathe the treadmill, but I have found a way to tolerate it.  TV!  I only let myself watch shows on Netflix when I run on the treadmill, so it’s a treat while I run.  Right now I’m watching House of Cards.  Oh, I love a good political drama.  My husband does not, so this keeps both of us happy!

My main problem with working out at home is getting distracted.  Now that Carson is older, I can only workout when he’s asleep, especially if I’m running on the treadmill because he would be trying to join me.  And of course there are a million things I want to do while he’s asleep.  So I always make his morning nap my workout.  Right before I’m going to put him down at 10, I go put on my workout clothes and shoes.  That way I’m ready to go as soon as he’s down and I don’t start doing something else.  This has been key!  There are days where I workout at other times, but I’m pretty consistent about this.

Have a favorite workout or DVD?  Do share!

Carson James-10 Months



Milestones:  You proved us right and took your first steps before you turned 10 months!  You took your first steps on March  4.  I had gone to take a bath and you decided to walk to Daddy.  I was not happy that I missed it!!  You did it again later that night as soon as I left the room.  Stinker.  I did get to see you walk the next day.  We were playing at Kayla’s and you took two steps over to her.  It hasn’t taken you long to figure it out and you are already taking 5-6 steps at a time.  


Likes:  You have a serious love affair going on with your stuffed lion, monkey and puppy.  They make you happy and you drag them around all day.  You also lean over and give them kisses.  You still love baths, going for walks, playing with any remote, grabbing our glasses, pushing your wagon, your teething monkey and Roxie.  You have become obsessed with doors and will go in your bedroom door and shut it.  When we open it, you sit there and laugh. You also love pushing the baby gate back and forth and opening kitchen drawers.




You love standing at the living room window and looking outside.  Your alphabet train was under it one day and you climbed on top of it so you could see better.  I moved it away so you wouldn’t fall, but you just pushed a box that was on the floor over to the window and stood on it.  I was impressed with your thinking, but I’m a little worried about when you are older!  You are a climber and I have a feeling we will see you in trees and who knows where else!

IMG_0347 IMG_0349

You still prefer your Mama over anyone else, but you spent a night with just Daddy while I was gone and was pretty attached to him when I came back.  You normally want us over anyone else, unless Gigi comes over.  Once she’s in your sight, you want nothing to do with your parents!  You always cry when she leaves.

Sleep:  You go to bed at 8 p.m. and normally wake up around 7 a.m.  You occasionally wake up in the middle of the night, but have been going back down pretty easily.  You nap from 10-12 a.m. and from 2-4 p.m., sometimes even longer.  You are like both of your parents and take great naps. :)

Food:  You decided that you no longer wanted to eat baby food!  We talked to the pediatrician at your nine month appointment and he gave us the okay for table food.  He had actually told us at your last appointment that we could start you on it, but Mommy was a little nervous about choking.  Well, we should have switched you earlier because you love it.  You love spaghetti, yogurt, fruit, cheese, peas…..there really hasn’t been too much that you haven’t eaten once you figured out what to do with the food on your plate.  You prefer to feed yourself and like to occasionally toss a treat down to Roxie.  You’ve had apple juice mixed with water and you would drink gallons of it if we would give it to you.  If we are feeding you something like yogurt and not getting it to you fast enough, you throw your hands up repeatedly and squeal.

You still take four 6-8 ounce bottles a day, but getting you to sit still for them is impossible.  You had been doing better, but you’ve decided again this past week that you don’t want to stop to drink.  We are going to try giving it to you in a sippy cup and see how that goes because you love the cup.  I don’t think we will have a problem getting rid of the bottle.

Dislikes:  Getting your diaper changed tops the list.  We call you our little alligator because you roll like one and it’s almost impossible to hold you down.  The only thing that makes you stay still while we change you is singing “This Little Light of Mine.”  You are officially the only person who likes to hear me sing!   

Carson, I can’t believe we are in the double digits now!  I feel like my baby is disappearing and you are turning into a toddler very quickly.  I sometimes get a little sad when I realize you no longer sit in my lap for hours or take naps on me, but watching you discover the world around you is such a treat.  You are a little explorer and nosy about everything you see, which keeps us on our toes, but is also very fun as you learn what you like and don’t like.  You are the sweetest little guy I know and flash the biggest grins at us.  You aren’t as free with your kisses anymore, but sometimes you will just lean over and surprise us with a big wet one.  You are so much fun and I love spending my days with you-even if there are some days when I can barely think straight because you have worn me out!  I am so excited that the weather is warming up so we can get outside and let you play.  I can’t wait to see what you think about the outdoors!

Here are a few scenes from this month.







Happy 10 months baby boy!

Tutu or Tie

Annie and Jake have been busy since they got married and we have another little bundle joining us in August!!  We went to their house on Friday to find out if Baby Jones is a he or she.  She is only 16 weeks, so we thought we had to wait another month to find out, but they told her this week, so we got an early surprise.






Carson and I wore blue while Nick went with pink.  Most people were guessing girl, but there were a few of us that thought boy.  I tried to get her to tell me after their appointment and swore I would keep it a secret, but she didn’t fall for it.  I guess I made our friends wait three weeks to find out, so I deserved it!


When Annie and Jake were handing out the donuts, Jessica and Jake got a sneak peak of what color icing was inside.  They were just a tad bit excited!




Baby Jones is a BOY!









I’m so excited for Carson to have another friend to play with and we can’t wait to meet him in August.

Pure Joy

Carson and I went outside to take advantage of the warm weather and I grabbed my camera on the way out. These pictures just seem to capture him perfectly. The smallest things make him smile and he is truly happy. I know he doesn’t know anything about how harsh this world can be, but he teaches me every day to find joy in the small, everyday things.





When You Become A Mom

Something funny happens when you become a Mom.  For instance,

You will lay back on the living room floor during your workout and feel your spine connect with a toy car.  It does not feel good.

You will sit in a dressing room with your best friend while you both nurse your children and laugh at the absurdity of the little humans attached to your bodies.

Tickling those delicious baby fat rolls and hearing the laughter that comes from somewhere deep in their body will be your favorite sound.

You will have conversations with your friends and think nothing of the topics switching from vacations to poop to Grey’s Anatomy and sleep schedules.  The lovely bodily functions that happen before, during and after labor?  Those aren’t off limit either.

When you sneak into your child’s room while they are sleeping to check on them and they hear you and start moving, you will suddenly turn into a ninja that can hide into the corner without breathing until it’s safe to sneak back out.

Even if you are out without the baby and have showered and worn clean clothes, you will still manage to find a spot of baby puke or food on some part of your body.

Having your baby come up to you and plant a wet, slobbery kiss on your cheek can turn your entire day around.

Making dinner with a baby attached to your legs is pretty common.  And don’t forget about stirring the pasta, keeping the dog away from the baby, calling the pediatrician’s office and making a bottle at the same time.  You will be sweating by the time dinner is on the table.  Oh, and this doesn’t apply to the father.  They can still only do one thing at a time.

You will catch yourself reading articles on items such as car seat safety and sleep training techniques instead of your typical

Breastfeeding seems like a bizarre and weird experience but by the time you have been in the hospital for a few hours after the birth, you will think nothing of a nurse putting a hand on your boobs.  Without asking.

Each time you step out of the shower or have just put on clean clothes, you will be greeted with a stream of baby vomit as soon as you pick up the little munchkin.  It must be some law of parenthood.

You will be out shopping without the baby and pull a toy car or teething toy out of your purse.  They invade everything you own.

And speaking of showers, you will be able to fully wash and condition in five minutes flat.  Something about a screaming baby locked in the bathroom with you turns you into a speed demon.  But those times where you shower alone?  Heaven.

You will find yourself sitting in church one day fighting back tears when young children get up to read Bible verses because you can picture your child up there one day.  And those commercials that P&G runs during the Olympics about Moms?  Yep, those might get you too.

Taking 500 pictures of your child on a daily basis will be completely normal.  And you will think each one is so adorable.

Things you said you would never do will happen without you realizing it.  Like spending the entire day in yoga pants or not taking a shower.  Forgetting to brush your teeth first thing in the morning is common as well.

Being a Mom, well, it’s pretty freaking awesome.  Puke and all.

Southern Style Sledding

I don’t remember us getting this much snow in Tennessee since the blizzard of ’93!  Since Nick grew up in Idaho, he thinks it’s hilarious that we can remember when we get big snows.  He also laughs at me when I suggest that he shouldn’t drive to work with snow on the ground.  Apparently a few inches aren’t a big deal when you grew up dealing with snow for the entire winter!  For us southern folk, snow is a big deal and we got a lot of it last week!  Almost 7 inches, I think.



It was snowing like crazy on Wednesday morning, but none of the snow was sticking to the ground.  That didn’t stop Lily from wanting to go out and play in it.  Sledding without snow-no problem, we have hills!





IMG_0048 IMG_0044



Carson wasn’t sure about the sled and didn’t crack a smile the entire time.



I was doing some client work on Wednesday night and the office curtains were closed.  I just assumed the meterologists were wrong and all the snow we were going to see were flakes that didn’t bother to stick.

Wrong!  Mom called me around 9 and told me to look outside and we already had several inches.  I love how white and clean everything looks before anyone has had a chance to mess up the snow.



Roxie loves snow and kept begging to go back outside.  I swear, she is a Lab stuck in the body of a 10 pound Yorkie.

They had plowed the roads by the next morning, so we took Carson and Lily over to play with Gigi.





IMG_0275 IMG_0281


Carson loved sitting in the snow, but he changed his mind when he tried to crawl in it.  I think he’s going to have southern blood like his mama!  We went inside and watched Lily play from the comfort of a heated house.



Mom and Lily kept sliding back down the hill and we didn’t think they were ever going to make it back up! Are we bad daughters for laughing instead of helping?

We have had two big snows this winter.  I think it’s time for the snow and cold to head out and bring us spring temperatures and sunshine!

Mrs. Jones

My Annie Bannie is married…and has been for a few months!! I am just really late with posting pictures!



Annie gave us these orange tanks as part of our bridesmaid gifts and they are the most comfortable things ever. Seriously, I live in it at home. Mine was a little big because I had her order a size up since I still had nursing boobies and baby weight at the time when she asked for sizes. I ran it through the dryer the night before the wedding so it wasn’t quite so big! It would have made a great bathing suit cover-up, so now I’m kind of kicking myself for shrinking it.

I would like to point out that I am not wearing shoes in any of the getting shots because some hooker named Kayla stole mine.  We’ve been friends since second grade, so I’m allowed to call her that.


Funny story about getting our hair done. I told the girl that I wanted a braid in my hair and she immediately said, “how old are you?” When I told her 29, she said if I was over 30 I was too old to add a braid in my hair. I wasn’t sure if I should feel insulted or happy that I passed the age mark!


I have a picture exactly like this from my wedding with Annie and Jessica, so I love this one.  Eva was our flower girl, but she wasn’t even two at the time.  Jessica, we will be doing a picture like this at your wedding!!


Their wedding ceremony took place on the edge of the lake and was gorgeous.








Weddings always make me want to get married again-I loved wedding planning! My husband would probably not agree with this statement.