Life Lately

Bandaids are very popular right now in our house. You can always bet that Carson will be wearing at least one and there’s a good chance Nick and I are sporting one as well. I’ve started to take Tenley for a few runs. I love having a running buddy, but it’s a bit of a… More Life Lately

Backyard Boy

Since the weather has been fantastic lately, we normally head outside to play with Tenley. I’ve grabbed my camera the past few days while Carson has been mowing, hitting sticks together, digging in the dirt or peeing in the grass (his personal favorite). For a child that started out NOT liking grass or dirt, he absolutely… More Backyard Boy

Sweet Summertime

I’ve always loved summer, but it’s even better when you aren’t stuck inside behind a desk five days a week. (My apologies to those who are, including my husband.) Carson loves being outside, which is where we spend a good portion of our day. He loves when I ask if he wants to go for… More Sweet Summertime